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seminar-consultin-1Sales training is as vital as optimizing your website for search engine ranking. Without proper sales training, you will not have a successful sales process in place. All of the hard work that goes into internet marketing and search engine ranking will be pointless without a proper sales training technique for your employees. It is imperative to have someone that is able to close the sale from the traffic that your internet marketing has brought in.

At Looklocally we are proud to offer the DISC sales assessment, the most profitable way to ensure that your sales team is as strong as it can be. Every person has their own style of selling. What is important for you and your company is to make sure that each sales person that you hire fits into what you are looking for. While there is no right or wrong style, there is a right way to coach your team into performing the type of sales that your company and your customers desire. Teaching your sales people adaptability in order to reach out to many different types of customers is key to your company’s success.

How do DISC Assessments Fit into Sales Training?

seminar-consultin-2seminar-consultin-2The DISC Sales Assessment allows you to help your employees learn their strengths and weaknesses in the sales field. Allowing your sales people to become familiar with their sales style and where they could use help to become more effective will help your company’s sales and profits go through the roof.

Along with learning your individual sales style and where your strengths and weaknesses lie, DISC helps you to learn how to adapt to different buying styles. Just as no two salespeople are exactly alike, the same goes for buyers. Each buyer has their own quirks that need to be worked around in order to complete the sale.

Adapt your Sales Training to the DISC Styles.

seminar-consultin-3seminar-consultin-3The acronym DISC stands for Dominant, Influential, Steady and Conscientious style when it comes to sales tactics. Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses that with a little adapting on everyone’s part can be made to fit into the sales group and be used to effectively close more sales.

D is for Dominant. The Dominant sales person is very organized, efficient and very goal-oriented. They are also very unlikely to let anyone else have a say and might jump the gun, not stopping to think before making decisions. When managing the Dominant sales person, always get right to the point, be professional and be ready to massage their ego in order to not hurt their feelings.

I is for Influencing. The salespeople that bear the Influencing Style will be the social network of your company. They love to be the center of attention and always have big ideas. Positive reinforcement is essential for salespeople with the Influencing style. They love attention, but not negative attention, so ensure that you approach them in the manner that will not make them feel offended.

S is for Steady. The Steady style works off of feelings rather than facts. The Steady salespeople want everyone to like them and will do whatever it takes to please everyone. They do not like to be put on the spot and typically take time to warm up to sharing ideas with others. As the word steady suggests, they like everything the same and approach change very apprehensively.

C is for Conscientious. The Conscientious sales person needs all of the details up front. They take pride in their work and often put work before friendship. The salesperson with this style will be less outspoken than the others but will provide you with all of the research and facts that you need to make a decision.

Perfecting your Sales Training

seminar-consultin-4seminar-consultin-4Once you and your salespeople understand their own sales style or DISC style, you will both have a better understanding about how these styles can help them excel at selling your products or services.

Just as there are four different styles that sales people generally fit under, the same goes for potential buyers. The initial meeting between a potential buyer and a salesperson is an opportunity for both to size each other up. It is an opportunity for the salesperson to truly understand the style of the buyer and how to tailor his specific sales technique to appeal to this particular buyer and to close the sale.

When you are aware of each of your salesperson’s selling traits, you can be their sales trainer and coach them to tailor those traits to the likes of each buyer. This is the most effective way to increase sales and profits within your company.

Each time your salespeople meet with a new potential buyer they will have the opportunity to connect with the buyer. This will give the salesperson time to listen to the buyer and determine their needs. These needs are not just what products you can sell them, but what their personality traits and buyer’s traits are like. Understanding these traits will allow your salespeople to temper their sales style in accordance. A Dominant sales person does not want to scare a timid buyer just as you don’t want a Dominant buyer intimidating your Conscientious seller.

Taking the time to coach your team after understanding their DISC style will help your company to grow exponentially. Not only will your sales increase but so will the morale of your company. At Looklocally we offer you a solution to all of your internet marketing needs. While we can bring you the traffic and make your phone ring – without the proper sales training, it’s a no-win situation. Take the time today to properly train your sales staff and reap the immense rewards that your entire company will experience.

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