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ppc-1The quickest way to turbocharge your business website – and rapidly create dollars – is to harness the Internet’s powerful version of direct advertising: Pay-Per-Click (PPC). But it’s not for everyone. And many site owners have lost their shirt by incorrectly using AdWords services.

Top Page Marketing Solutions scours the Internet for the most logical “free click” platforms, and optimizes your site to improve its organic rankings that attract the notice of these free platforms; in both traditional web and with the mobile communities. PPC is a great add-on option that compliments your SEO package, and most of our clients eagerly embrace. Some popular PPC destinations charge nominal fees; and we can discuss the advantages (and disadvantages) of participation with you. But you are under no obligation to participate in these “added value” platforms.

By incorporating the best of your unique keywords into a more general list, we push traffic to your website with targeted and engaging small display ads. Maximum results are then realized as we constantly monitor, adjust and report the results – and recommendations – to you regularly. A flat monthly management fee is charged – based on your total monthly traffic budget. It includes all of the following services.

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Create, modify and expand your unique display ads to keep them fresh
  • Track ads and conversion rates and deliver easy-to-understand reports to you
  • Monitor, and modify performance keywords
  • Monitor and add/delete high performing/underperforming ads and platforms
  • Optimize and expand ad groups
  • Improve your Quality Score with(AdWords)

When you leverage the power of Top Page Marketing Solutions PPC services needs it won’t take long for you to see its revenue delivery potential. We work with you to craft the right PPC service that fits your needs and budget. deliver enviable, affordable results-based service.

Top Page Marketing delivers enviable, affordable, results-based PPC services. We go the extra mile to make ceertain our customers are happy, and that our Dallas and Fort Worth Internet marketing clients affordably exceed their sales goals.


The following is an oversimplification of Google’s AdWords program.

Lets say you own a website about hot dogs. Your website address is

ppc2You sign up for an Adwords account and create an ad that says “Delicious hot dogs, best prices for parties all sizes”. Then, on your website – as well as in Adwords – you want need to research and use the right keywords that work in unison to create that ad’s impression

In Adwords you are allowed to designate these keywords (or key phrases) that you think someone would search for in Google in order to bring high results in the search return pages (with no guaranteed position), as well as on sites running the Google AdSense campaign that uses a “bid” process to find complimentary presences that compliment your keywords. A good line of thinking for complimentary AdSense presences which tie-into “hot dogs,” could include those for ketchup, mustard, chili, relish…you get the idea.

Don’t let the word “bid” fool you. You are basically allocating funds dedicated to those keywords. The more funds you (and your web development partner) put into it, the more your ad can appear per month all over the web. But it’s not easy for the initiated to read (and re-read and re-read some more) to Google’s website devoted to AdWords to understand how this works; and the nuances for applying an effective AdWords campaign. But an experienced web designer grasps these concepts and guidelines in order to make an informed decision about the best strategies for integrating this solution into your overall strategic website marketing program; and the tactics that make it a success

When you use Looklocally for your pay per click needs, you are getting the best. Our managers know how to determine what kind of advertising would be best for your budget. We will work within your budget and provide you with top of the line internet marketing service.

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